Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Caribean Dream...

Ever have one of those weeks where you wish you could just fly away???

This was one of 'those' for me!
Hot and muggy and waaaayyyy too much work to be done...

These were my brand new bright pink shoes (purchased in honor of Lotus!) after Monday...

The last place I wanted to be was in a dark dingy basement full of cobwebs and creepy crawlers! Eewwww! I've had the heebie jeebies all week long...

and by the end of the week after I'd painted the floors down there and installed carpeting upstairs... At least my feet stayed cool!!!

When you think about it, it was really just like being in the Caribbean...

Hot. . .

Humid. . .

and buggy!!!!!

Here's one I found inside my car while I was driving!!!!!

Can anyone identify this?

I know it won't be easy since my hands were shaking as I tried to take it's picture while driving down the road in a PANIC!!!!


Even my living space seems to be over run by bugs lately...

There's this HUGE grasshopper-like bug in my room that I have not been able to catch or kill
It's brown and looks like a cross between this stick grasshopper on the left and the Katydid on the right... It only comes out at night when I am in my bed and scares the crap out of me and my cat and then hides again!!!! Eeewwww.......

My only hope is that it catches the other resident of my living quaters which is a big, fat, FAST SPIDER!!!! This spider also hides during the day and comes out during the night... Everytime I try to KILL it it drops so fast that I cannot find it, it's getting harder and harder to SLEEP as I must KEEP WATCH for the SPIDER!!!!!

I need to ESCAPE!!!!!!

So I'm dreaming of the Caribbean...

The only problem is

my only knowledge of the caribbean

is a place that is all hard work


Donkey pic for dj ;)

My mode of transportation in my actual Caribbean Experience!

(flat tire...)
It's no wonder that when you read of a car accident in Haiti it is never 1 or 2 killed
always more like 26 or 30 ;(

This particular day I spent filming at a dental clinic held at an all girls orphanage in Port au Prince. It turned out to be all for nothing!
My no-line bifocals rendered all my footage completely unfocused
(what??? It looked good to me?!?)

Another donkey for dj!

This is the well outside the hospital we were building.
The kids were just out of school and were sent to haul the water
(again, Haiti - all work, all the time!)

This is one of my favorite pics (taken by Nikki) of my favorite tree

in the village...


(one can pretend, can't one?)



dj said...

Aaayy!!! Hooray for the Donkeys!! Thanks you Shakes...

OOo I like the music too!! :D I remember that popular mode of transportation when we were on St. John.. Hard hauling the water..UGH!! A different caribbean experience in Haiti for sure. :(

The shoes are so cute. I do not like the bugs. You must keep your light on at night or use a flashlight and flush out that icky spider.. yuuUUUCK!!!! you have my sympathies on that one!

Thank you again for posting the donkey pics...I love them. :)

Osh said...

oh Betty, a little bug in the car when you are driving never hurt anyone, I don't understand why you couldn't breath and were shaking so bad! LOL!

And Dillinger just jumped from my head and attacked the screen at the sight of it.

Christine said...

eeewwww. just looking at those pictures of the bugs gives me the creeps ~ I can't even imagine having them invading my space. hope you get rid of them soon so you can have some peace of mind!!

enjoyed your soundtrack to your Caribbean photos. what a fun song. all work & no play is no fun. lol

and....dream on......:)

Sandsitive said...

Nice Shoes!!! ;) I have blue ones just like them. You should have come to my house this weekend...That's where the Caribbean was, and very little work(for others maybe if not moi)he he he
Can't help you on the bugs.Eeewwww, I run and scream for Hubby when I see them and the ones you have sound like evil little things. DJ's right, keep the lights on! Not sure how you stayed inside the car. I get spiders in the car and I'm a blubbering mess until I can get pulled over to try to kill it. Then once it's dead I always wonder if it had babies......??!!?? So I stay on constant alert!

Judge said...

I love the shoes. The nice thing about crocs is they do clean up well and well.. the ones at Walgreens are cheap :)

The Caribbean seems like an interesting place.. I have never been. I join DJ in enjoying the donkeys. Sometimes it would be nice to live in a simple world like that..

-Sir Jack said...

Nice blog Shakes, I'm feeling a bit buggy now!! *passes can of Raid* Here, love, this might come in handy at your house, LOL. Great shots of that weird bug...what the hell is it?? LMAO

The Caribbean looks like fun! They do a lot of ridesharing there, don't they? *smiles* I'm taking one of your Donkeys today...I'm trying to be more environmentally!! Have a good one!!

Suz said...

Three words, dolly: Schultz Insect Killer. That stuff stops centipedes, it'll surely slow that spider enough to let you take a whack at it with a shoe!

You KNOW how scared I am of those buggy bugs. I give you mad props for working in creepy basements. Makes me shake just thinking about it. ACK!

The Schultz stuff is garden safe and comes in a teal blue spray bottle. Get you some!!!

Here's to a better week!!

Jenny said...

Ewww I hate bugs!!! ucky uck!

I love yer shoes. They're cute!

shakenbsis said...

Two nights now I haven't seen either the spider or the _____ whatever creature!?!

Yes, I'm still sleeping with the lights on, they must be having monsterbabies somewhere!!!!


Blaznfire911 said...

Those Donkey sure are cute! I wish I was in the carribean!!!

I could use some vacation right about now!

I have NO idea what that bug is...but it looks like an overgrown sweat bee LOL

lawgirl said...

I worry that you are driving and shaking and taking a picture at the same time!! But I understand. I am completely freaked by spiders. I once had a coworker in my car and we were driving to court. I saw a spider and let out a piercing scream, while on the freeway. Needless to say, I scared the heck out of him.

I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing one was lurking.

Another good thing about the caribbean-Johnny!!

Love the shoes-I love pink!!