Saturday, May 24, 2008

Johnny Depp, do you need a pair of Pirate Kittys for Lily Rose?

Just us two Pirate Boys left here with momma...
Pee Wee Dillinger and Billie have already gone to good homes!
Don'cha think we look ready for a party?
I think we'd make a good birthday gift for Lily Rose!

HI! I'm Sparrow, the Tuxedo Pirate!

I'm told I'm the life of the party...

I'm Piti' Captain Jack and I'm very cuddly..

Do you like my mascara?
Seriously though, we don't sing yet but we do hop around in very cute fashion.
We think Lily Rose would LOVE us!

PS: Our mom delivers...


Sunday, May 18, 2008

More kitty pics...

Trying VERY hard not to name the kittens that were abandoned during the filming of Public Enemies... (not abandoned by PE folks! ha) Other than calling the black and white one my little Pirate Kitty, I'm doing OK. VERY hard to stay unattached, I'm starting to feel like their mom and already grieving giving them up!!! Woe is me...

Went by on Friday to find them re-abandonned!!

Sorry can't find anything to edit pics with here, can't even rotate them!

I was sooo upset and had to find another place for them, They were left without any food =( The eye infection was looking worse and mom's eye seemed affected as well so I scooped up one of the babies and ran off to the vet to get some medication. Also to get their age assessed. The vet said as long as they are starting to eat some dry food they could go by the end of the week. They are all eating a bit and have 'found' the litter box i set up for them so it's all good. They seem to be taking the eye meds OK, which is a big shock to me! (I've had bad cat med experiences in the past!) I think mom and babies are jsut happy to have so much more attention now and a safer environment. Went by to feed/medicate them agian this morning and they are doing much better = ) Here they are in their new digs with BIG fluffy blankie, complements of Shannon!! =) Note, pirate kitty's eyes looking much better 2 days on ointment, yeah!

This little one went to the vet with me and stole hearts over there!

They've decided real food is good too , though!

Getting harder to take pics now that they've discovered my camera strap!

I wore my tuxedo just for you, but really I am the other pirate kitty!
I WAS in the middle of a good nap!

(see how much better my eyes look?)

Aren't we just the cutest little things you have ever seen???

Cat Fight!

Naptime - Nitey Nite!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thank you Mr. Depp...

A few of my favorite moments...

John Michael Bolger is a PEACH!

Stephen Dorff having way too much FUN!

BUSTED in Base Camp! (i think he has a crush...)

Friday, May 9, 2008

help us find a good home...

Almost two weeks ago now I got an emergency call from my landlord. He'd found a baby kitten in an abandoned property, "Could you please take it in and nurse it 24/7???" Yikes, I hopped in the truck and headed over only to get a call a bit later saying he'd found momma and apparently he'd disturbed her in the process of moving her brood of five out of the basement. When I finally got there (to paint the place) a week later mom and babies were living in a cardboard box in the neighbors carport. Mom wasn't too keen on visitors so I respected her privacy. She was looking pretty thin though so I determined to win her over with fishy smelling things...

First the remains of my tuna sandwich. Then I moved on to sardines. Today during sardine delivery mom looked quite a bit better = ) I came with my camera but had a hard time getting her pic as she was more interested in me petting her than in eating the sardines, progress!!!

So sorry all these pics are blurry, kitties are moving and so am I, it's chilly...

Sadly, today I could only find 4 kitties!!!

All but one had their eyes open so I'm guessing they are maybe 3-4 weeks old now. (Perhaps the fourth just has an eye infection.) They are still a bit wobbly on their feet but overall look pretty good.

Here's the little peanut with one eye still not open...

Can you say awwwww....

This little one is my personal fav, and the most active of the bunch so far!

Finally as I was leaving I was able to get far enough away from momma to snap a pic. She was really starved for affection today, even kneading the grass as I petted her. She's not much more than a kitten herself poor thing. She is definitely not a ferile cat, very clean and well groomed despite being homeless for the time being.

If anyone wants this lovely little family I can bring them to you (within reason!) even as soon as this week. If anyone wants just one or two kittens we'll need to wait a bit, I think they still need momma for at least a couple more weeks...


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bobblehead Rod on a stick...

No Commentary Needed!
(oops forgot the stick...)


broken hearted for Jason Castro...

(click on photo to return to original article)

Yes, I admit it...

I love American Idol. This season they are all soooo good. Every week it's horrible to see ANY of them go. (I loved the international mix this season!) For some reason though Jason Castro has touched my heart like no other. On his Hallelujah night, he brought me to tears..

I was almost in tears last night for him. He is soooo much better than his performance was.

AMERICA!!!! I really hope you saved Jason...


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

'Terminally Faithful' or boundaries, boundaries, boundaries...

Anybody else out there got boundary issues?? = )

I found this great graphic illustration in Al Turtle's delightful essay on boundaries. Click on it to see the article for yourself. If you're like me and have 'boundary issues' it will be well worth the trip. He not only uses castles, moats, drawbridges, soldiers and alligators to teach on the subjects but cats too!

I'm gonna let this gell for a bit and come back later... (gotta go be in the real world for a while!)

Well, it's later... But I just can't seem to get in the frame of mind to finish this morning's post. Maybe it's the horrible tragedy that just hit Myanmar, or the terrible hunger riots in Haiti... Whatever the cause, my little woes just don't seem that big a deal right now.

It's an awesome essay though so I'm reserving the right to return to it, this IS my place after all!! = )


Monday, May 5, 2008

Always go back for the camera! - not a Johnny Depp story...

The last thing I did before leaving the house this morning was look over and notice my camera sitting there. Something inside me said, "Go back and get it!" Did I do it? NO!!!!

ALWAYS listen to that little voice...

As I was driving to work this morning I saw a little blur on the pavement in front of me. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing things (I was pretty tired) and as I got closer I saw it was a momma duck with her babies trailing behind her! This was a fairly busy road, and quite some distance from the river, so I definitely was not expecting to see that...

A white truck coming from the opposite direction zoooomed by us, oooohhhh nooooo! But mom wasn't hit, not was she deterred. The next car, nice lady in red, did stop and the two of us held up traffic till they safely passed = ) That made me feel sooo good all day long. When they reached the other side safely, we drove off, but not before looking at each other and smiling and waving... I'm pretty sure it made her day too!

OH! and the coolest thing was that they were crossing in a cross walk = ) That's why I was kicking myself for not listening to that little voice telling me to go back for the camera!

ALWAYS go back for the camera!!!!! = )


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Johnny Depp Doesn't Need Sweeney Todd to Bring Sexy Back...

Whiteling over at JDR posted this link a little while ago and I had to do it here (mostly for my friend Shannon) Shannon and I went to see ST on opening night, it's just a thing we do, actually it's probably more a sacrifice she makes for me!

YEAH__AHH (Justin Timberlake and Johnny Depp??)

I wish I had prepared better for it. I hadn't seen any previews or read any reviews, I didn't even know it was a musical. But we went because it's what we do (see JD movies on opening day) As it was, I was shocked by the blood which WAS very theatrical had I only been prepared. I remember leaving the theatre feeling as though I needed cleansing! Oh well...

The video is very funny, and weird. Yes, I have a strange sense of humor! Not too much blood and none of it spurting = ) (note to dj) Thanks Shannon!

OK, I'm off for day one of the driveway re-surfacing project...

Well, the drive way project didn't get off the ground today, still too chilly. I decided to change out my hanging baskets instead. No yard, so I make do with hanging baskets and windowboxes. So now I'm dirty and sweaty, but I think the birds are happy to get rid of all those dead evergreen branches which I fill the baskets with ion the wintertime! Yes, you can say it, it's about time!!!
Now it's starting to feel like spring around here = )

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gratefulness for Johnny Depp and Public Enemies Columbus...

Another fun night at the Kurth!

My newish friend Jenny and I were talking last night about how it's not much fun to blog when it's all sad stuff these days. As we talked and laughed with all the other Public Enemies Bloggers I realized I was having a good time and did have much to be grateful for despite all the heartache. So here's to you Jenny... = )

It all started with Johnny Depp...

Actually it started with heartache and despair and ended with JD. The trouble didn't end, but me not living my life did. Late last fall so many hard things happened all at the same time that I kind of lost my way for a while. Usually when times get tough I just withdraw for a bit, read a good book, get quiet and re centered and then I can face the hard stuff again. This time, I couldn't even READ, I couldn't find a way to connect with that quiet place where things heal.

During those days I ran across a listing of JD's films and realized there were TONS of them I'd somehow missed! (It was hard to believe since I'd been fan since the Jump Street days) I began to hunt them down one by one which in itself was sometimes tough to do. I think I finally got a copy of The Brave from Romania or Chzechoslovachia or somewhere like that! I can't read anything on the cover, but it plays well. = )

As I watched film after film I was astounded at the choices he had made and at his integrity in making them. I imagined he had gone through some dark days as well or he could never have played some of those characters the way he did. In the end his choices paid off, and he's in a way responsible for helping me sense that though the choices I've made (with integrity and good intentions) haven't paid off yet they will, in time... I'm encouraged to continue.

Somewhere around the time I watched the last one, I heard that Johnny Depp would be making a new movie based on the life of John Dillinger, and would be shooting it right here in WI!!! Within days of my hearing this I found that filming had already begun and I got my first introduction to Columbus through Rod's Blog!!!

Nothing has been the same since!

I think I have fallen in love with Columbus, at the very least I have a BIG crush on her! I didn't make it to Columbus for the first round of filming, but through the blog I've been able to follow the filming all around the Stateline area and even Up North as well as make some great new friends. I've stood within 5 feet of Johnny! I've gotten to take part in advocating for "The Auditorium" and hang out at The Kurth getting to know my new buds. = )

Last night I got to FINALLY meet two of my online friends who have re-taught me things I'd lost touch with. ScrapiKathy, thanks for being so brave and helping me to tap into that courage that's always been a part of me. And Suz, thanks so much for your kindness and generosity and for reconnecting me with gratefulness... = ) I got to meet the delightful "miss m" (can't say Miss M or I'd have to share Rod's Fish of April) and Sue, and Kris and Terry, and tick tick tick aka: Tracey... = )

Last and certainly not least, it's always pure joy hanging out with Michelle and Rod and DJ and Jenny... DJ, you are amazing (yes, I have a crush on her too... Get your mind out of the gutter, it's not that kind of crush)! Last night she handed me this awesome Kurth's hoodie which I am wearing right now as I type over my jammies! Yes, that is JD over my shoulder, another long story... and YES, I have much to be grateful for...


Friday, May 2, 2008

Paid to stay home...

Wow, this doesn't happen often...

A morning to just stay at home and get paid to do it! I'm loving it, sitting here blogging, drinking my coffee and watching my birds as a storm gets ready to blow in. Doesn't get much better than that! The goldfinches and chickadees are such happy birds, they make me happy too...

The insulation folk are here pumping my attic and walls full of it. That will be great come this winter. This past one was soooo cold. I feel bad for them though, they did the inside first, before the storm hit. Now that is has, they are working outside sorry fellows.

Me and my cat are just fine watching from in here...