Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Birthday Weekend, or Joining Anal Painters Anonymous...

This morning, I can hardly move! I 'm sitting here sipping coffee and eating chocolate covered sunflower seeds! OMG, mmmmm.... Mary, where on earth did you find them?!

This was the best birthday weekend ever!!!!

It all started with another fun Kurth night ;)... Tessa! as you can see, the chili dip was a BIG hit and the Buckeyes are only a distant memory... mmm.... THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! Click here to see Tessa's pirate kitty in the brig (my favorite pic of Lil Cap'n Jack, still makes me cry)

Hi Jenny! For some reason I hardly took any pics at the Kurth. Must have been having tooo much fun. The ones I did take didn't turn out so well. Except for this one I took on Vicky's camera for Sir Jack... *pirating from Vicky's blog*

BIG fun as had by all as Vicky, and Osh and Evan decide whether or not to DRIVE TO CHICAGO after the Kurth to see some filming!!! They were sooo funny, sadly the Whoosey's and Caralea weren't allowed to tag along (dreaded curfew laws...) Click on the links above to hear the experience in their own words....... Suz and I were lucky enough to get a visitation immediately after the road trip, actually Suz was still sleeping and they were excitedly whispering all about it to me on the Stretch Limo of a couch at Suz's place. After which of course Suz says, "Why didn't you wake me?!?!" oops...

Evan did snap this great shot of Caralea for me before they took off! Thanks Evan...

The next mroning, Suz and I had a leisurely breakfast of BACON, (we were too tired to make anything else!) before heading over to the Painting Party at the Amtrack Station. While others went to get paint, I had to get more coffee over at Julies Java House, mmmm... Loved the signage over there! ; )

Liked this one best of all!!!

Suz got to hand Caralea her autographed Pirates handbag that Evan soooo graciously got Johnny to sign for her in Chicago. She couldn't resist setting her up a little though... he he! She was like, "Oh, Caralea, I'm sooo sorry long prenant pause but you are gonna be the most popular girl at school!!!" Here you go! You should have seen her smile ; )

Oh wait, here it is!

Krisx and Left hand Louie saved the day with getting us tinted paint rather than plain white! Awesome color choices Kris! And great eye for detail... Kris and I share the Anal Painter Gene neither one of us is able to stop touching up!!!! ; ) Actually it's a trait I love in another painter. In myself, not so much... I told myself on the way over to the station, "Self, you are not going to cut in today!, On account of your hand you are going to use your shoulder muscles instead of your hands to ROLL on paint today!" Did I listen to myself, NO!!! I stood on a ladder and cut in ALL DAY LONG!!! I was unable to resist the pull of making straight lines where there are none and compulsively TOUCHING UP! Am I paying for it today, of course I am! There shoudl be a 12 step program for anal painters... Not only is my hand swollen and hurting again, but my legs are like RUBBER, why did I have to do it on a ladder?????? OMG!

Left Hand Louie plots his next attempt to scare 10 years off my life...
Jordy and Caralea working hard!
Some of the gang at work... Hi DJ! Finally dj and I got to have a nice long chat, we've been staring at each other over heads at the Kurth for several weeks now. I've missed her, so close but yet sooo far... ; ) We laughed sooo hard at Jenny telling us ghost stories... My tummy hurts a little today from laughing sooo hard, but it's a good hurt! The only thing I wish I'd donr differently this weekend is eat more CAKE!!! I think I need that recipe too DJ!! (I'm also agreeing with whoever asked Rod if his noodle recipe was a state secret or available to the masses... Is it?, Is it?)
So sorry I didn't take more pics, or better ones. Luckily, you can find the better ones at Michelle's place! or Rod's! I also think Jenny/ took down all the names of those who helped out, I think there were like 20 people there!

This is the state of affairs with my laptop. Still spread out all over my kitchen table, grrr... I hope I can make some time later to day to ge back to it. There will be no cooking in my house until it's done! For now though, got to go get ready to go have lunch at my Aunties...
Thanks all for making my birthday sooo very special! Especially BIG thanks to Suz who always welcomes me and makes me feel at home... You are sooo special to me, girl!!!!! (Thanks for putting up with all the kitty drama!)


~Minxie~ said...

Shakes.... glad you had such a great b-day weekend!!! YIKES! I hope you get your laptop fixed soon!!!!

Have a great day!!!!

shakenbsis said...

Hi Minxie!!!!! I miss you. We are like ships passing in the night lately ; )

I guess we are just busy gals!

I'm coming over to look at Johnny's ahnds agian!!!

Tamara said...

Hi Shaken!
how are you?

Today I upload ones of Osh pictures
and, of corse, I give credits.

I hope that you visit my fotolog
and read message that I wrote in English for you, Vicky and Osh!

Greetings Dear!


Jenny said...

I look like a tard in that pic :P Oh well. I'm so glad you had a nice birthday! That train station looks soooo wonderful!!!! It was nice to see so many people coming together for a good cause.

dj said...

Hi Shakes!! It was sooo nice being able to spend time chatting with you. I really hope your hand gets better, it sounds sore. Its funny but I am so sore today also, but not my hands, its my bee-hind!! HA! Too much kneeling and bending over painting the low parts. I guess I should have sat down and painted--duh!!

We stopped over at the station today and it looks so awesome and there were a bunch of people sitting on the benches and it looked so cozy. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! :)

Anyway, it was fun and glad you had a good day and hope you have a nice time at your Aunties.

wlkingbluepirate said...

Hey, computers don't typically work well when they're in 137 different pieces. :P

Anyway, I'm glad you had such a great birthday weekend. Looks like you guys had fun painting the train station. I wish I could take part in one of these things someday.

I'm glad everyone enjoyed my nifty gifties (Office reference) from Ohio. Any opportunity to spread the Buckeye love across the nation. ;D

Blaznfire911 said...

Hey SHakes!

Great photos! Esp the one of me of course LOL

Tamara put something very nice up on her site today for you me and osh!!

have a great day girlie!!


Rachel Judge said...

Glad you had a great b-day weekend hun!! You deserve it!

I hope you get that computer up and running again. It looks.... scary.


The Judge

shakenbsis said...

Scarey is a good word! LOL I'm scared...

Hi dj! I wish I could be there to see it today with customers, glad it gave you a good feeling = ) Next time!

Hi Tamara, I stopped by your place! = ) Vicky, thanks for the link!!!

I like the Office reference Tessa... nice!

Jenny!!! I think you look sooo cute and not even a little bit tardish...hmmm... lets see what I can do about that...

shakenbsis said...

dj!!! i missed your behind comment! lol!!!!

shakenbsis said...

ps: thanks for posting your recipe DJ!

Tamara said...

Hi Shaken!

I wrote you a message on your new account fotolog
it's great that you've done a site like that
so now you can put all your photos of mr. Depp that you want! : D

and thanks for visit my site!

Osh said...

so happy you had a wonderful weekend!
Caralea is adorable!
Everybody in Columbus is adorable

Suz said...

You are quite welcome, my dear. :) Kitty drama? What kitty drama? [whistles]

I won't say anything about the couple of leftover buckeyes I'm going to devour that remain in my fridge. I told you to take the stuff from the fridge!! ;) Snooze ya lose....


GOOD luck on the lappy. Yikes. Scawy!

Heal up that hand, girl. Can't have that slowing you down. I'm sorry you overdid it. Thankfully, I don't suffer from that anal painter disease. [whistles again]

Happy Week, Chickadees!

M said...

I also am not an anal painter. Couldn't decorate my way out of a paper bag. I am glad to have others to guide me.

What sweet photos! All of them, not just my own smiling spawn. So much personality shown in every face! Betty, it was a privilege to be able to spend your birthday with you having that much fun, on such a perfect summer afternoon. BTW, the chocolate seeds are from Borders, believe it or not-- such happy birthday colors!


calypso said...

Happy Belated Birthday Shakes!!
I'm so glad your birthday was the best!! I really enjoy your blog and're terrific!!

You guys did a great paint job on the Amtrak station. I hope the resident "columbians" appreciate everyone's effort and time. YOU GUYS ROCK!!

One of these days I'll make it over to Kurth's to meet the stars of Columbus!!! LOL

shakenbsis said...

Hi Tamara! Welcome! Thanks for that I'll pop over there as soon as I get home. Gotta go to work EARLY today! Now I have something to look forward to when I get home!

Osh, Suz,Mary, Calypso... You gals give me the warm fuzzies I'm feeling the love. I need it, I'm off to the docs today (did I say I am allergic to Docs?) Grrr... My doc is nice, but still freaks me oouut!

shakenbsis said...

OH! I see all the bloggerfam updated since I was last on! No time to read them now... bummer...

cranky anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Shakes. I hope you have a great one! You deserve it!

*big hugs*

Sandsitive said...

Hi Shakes! Happy be-lated Birthday!! Looks like you had one heck of a time!
The chili looks good but the laptop picture scares me!!

Have a great day!

shakenbsis said...

Hi Cranky, Hi Sands! How did I miss yous guys??? Thansk for the b-day wishes... This birthday has gone on and on, he heeee ;)