Sunday, May 18, 2008

More kitty pics...

Trying VERY hard not to name the kittens that were abandoned during the filming of Public Enemies... (not abandoned by PE folks! ha) Other than calling the black and white one my little Pirate Kitty, I'm doing OK. VERY hard to stay unattached, I'm starting to feel like their mom and already grieving giving them up!!! Woe is me...

Went by on Friday to find them re-abandonned!!

Sorry can't find anything to edit pics with here, can't even rotate them!

I was sooo upset and had to find another place for them, They were left without any food =( The eye infection was looking worse and mom's eye seemed affected as well so I scooped up one of the babies and ran off to the vet to get some medication. Also to get their age assessed. The vet said as long as they are starting to eat some dry food they could go by the end of the week. They are all eating a bit and have 'found' the litter box i set up for them so it's all good. They seem to be taking the eye meds OK, which is a big shock to me! (I've had bad cat med experiences in the past!) I think mom and babies are jsut happy to have so much more attention now and a safer environment. Went by to feed/medicate them agian this morning and they are doing much better = ) Here they are in their new digs with BIG fluffy blankie, complements of Shannon!! =) Note, pirate kitty's eyes looking much better 2 days on ointment, yeah!

This little one went to the vet with me and stole hearts over there!

They've decided real food is good too , though!

Getting harder to take pics now that they've discovered my camera strap!

I wore my tuxedo just for you, but really I am the other pirate kitty!
I WAS in the middle of a good nap!

(see how much better my eyes look?)

Aren't we just the cutest little things you have ever seen???

Cat Fight!

Naptime - Nitey Nite!



Jenny said...

They are sooo cute!!!! I want my mom to take one!

Blaznfire911 said...

AWWW! They are just way too cute! I love kitties. I wish I could have one of them, but I already have 3 hee hee. (and 7 dogs. Good luck with them, and if you need some help let me know.


Suz said...

Ohhhhh. Ohhhhhhh. I want the black one. And the orange one. And the tuxedo one....


They are too, too cute!! You know I have enough already though. :(

Enjoy your time with them. (cuddle, cuddle) Make sure you tell the people who do take them that you will take them back if it doesn't work out. I always did that with the kitten batches I rescued. I hate to think that someone would decide it didn't work for them, and dump them. I actually did get several back, so I know it's not dumb to tell people that.

I swear I wanted to take a license from people and do a background check before I let them take the precious babies. I love kitties waaayyyy too much. ;)

Snuggle those little furballs for me!! They are so lucky you rescued them. YAY! Betty!!

dj said...

Oh they are soooooooo cute. Mama kitty is so sweet too. I wish I could take them all.

hehe I made Rod look!!


Osh said...

I am working hubby so hard on the black kitty...I just reminded him he didn't get me an anniversary present...

dj said...

The little tuxedo cat looks like Sylvester the cat, junior!

Shakenbsis, just out of curiosity, do you know which ones are male or female??

Hi Osh--I think the kitten would be a perfect present!!

Sandsitive said...

Awwww :) Hate to tell ya this're hooked! 1-1/2 years ago we had no cats on the farm when 1 female showed up. We made her a place in the barn and before long she started 'gaining weight' lol She has had 3 litters since that winter and I swore I wouldn't get attached each time. phffftt!!! What a crock! She had 6 last time and in trying not to name them we called them Stripes 1, Stirpes 2, Blackie 1, Blackie 2...etc. lol Who can resist such cuties? Now her kitties have had kittens! It's a vicious cycle!!

Suz said...

Woohoo! So the two black ones are spoken for... Next? Next? :D

shakenbsis said...

Oooohhh! I miss you guys. Thanks for lovin' my 'babies' So hard not to keep them myself, but my old schizo cat would probably flipout and eat some baby pirate kitties for lunch!

Hey Vicky - I do have a question for you. I've been faithfully putting the ointment in the babies eyes twice a day (starts with a t... can't believe I didn't bring the tube with me) anyhow, the kittens are all responding very well, but momma, not so much. Her eye looks the same and maybe even jsut a bit redder. Could she be having a bad reaction to the med, or do you think it's jsut taking time with her because she has been so depleted form nursing? Or something else I haven't yet thought of? Help me doc, what do you think?? = )

PS: Kathy, I called the number left on the other kitty post but didn't hear back, was that your friend? Maybe I'll find out as I check other comments.

Thaks for all the love ladies you really cheared me up! = )

Jenny said...

Hey Shakenbsis - Which ones are boys and which ones are girls?

shakenbsis said...

Jenny! Thanks for the reminder, I knew I forgot something. I can't exactly remember, but I know for sure at least two are boys. (I'm a little inexperienced but I was told colon vs semi colon) Correct me anyone who is used to checking out kitten privates. The two pirate kitties were really hard to tell the other day. I'm making a note on my wallet adn will double check in hte morning!

Blaznfire911 said...

Hey Shak-

Well sometimes cats that live outdoors can get upper respiratory conditions that can cause there eyes to become runny. Sometimes they need some antibiotics to get better. it could be that the mom is not responding well bc she is nursing. it takes a lot out of them. It sounds like the Dr gave you triple antibiotic ointment. You should check to see if it has hydrocortisone in it, bc sometimes that has a negative effect on the eye if there is a scratch or something. It might be a wise idea to take her to the vet if she is not getting any better. Outdoor kitties can get numerous diseases like feline Leukemia or Feline Immunodefficiany virus that can cause them to display symptoms similar to an upper respiratory infection. Unfortumatley there is no cure for those diseases, and cats usually will pass away bc of them. The only way to tell if they have those 2 diseases is to have blood work done. It would be a great idea to get her spayed as well so she doesn't have to go through this again....sounds like she is just a young one herself.

The other thing that it could be is a viral infection. If that is the case, it will need to run its course. Usually if the viral infection is bad enough if can cause secondary bacterial infections in the eyes, lungs, nose, etc. You would be seeing yellow or green gunk around the eyes and such.

My best advice is to try and treat it for a few more days, and hopefully she will start responding to the meds. If she does not get better in a few days, then she prob needs to go to the vet.

Sorry this was so long. Let me know if I can help you anymore....Oh and as much as I would love to be a Doc...I'm just a technician LOL. :)


shakenbsis said...

Thank you Vicky - I may still call you doc if it doesn't make you nuts! = )

I'll keep a close eye on her and keep you posted. I'll be with them almost all day tomorrow which will be great! (I'm installing windows in the place where I'm sheltering them which will take most of the day)

Blaznfire911 said...


Sorry I missed you! Darn minutes! I was busily putting up what happened to me in Columbus on my blog hee hee.

As for kitties - They are usually ready to leave mom between 6-8 weeks of age. If they are going to get their shots this week, it would be ok to travel with them the same day. however, some animals can have reactions to vaccines. I have rarely seen problems with cats though. Just watch them for signs of vomiting, swollen faces, or lethargy. You shouldn't have a problem though. If they are eating dry food only, and mom is not wanting to nurse them anymore, then it should be ok to adopt them out. Keep in mind..... most kittens/cats that live outside will have parasites, and some of them can be passed to people. best not to let them lick you on the face. Make sure you wash your hands well too after handling them.

How old did the vet say that they were? They look about 6 weeks or so from the pictures. Any younger than 6 weeks of age....its best to keep them with mom for a bit. Also....most vaccines given at 6 weeks or earlier, dont do much good. They still have moms antibodies till then. It's still ok to vaccinate them wont hurt them. Let me know what happens.


ps- you can still call me doc if ya want to lol!!

wlkingbluepirate said...

Awwwwwwww!!! I want one! Can you mail one down to Ohio? :P

If you were to start naming the should give them all PE-related names. Just a lame idea.

Just looking at the pics makes me feel all warm and snuggly inside. :)

shakenbsis said...

I KNOW!!!! If I have to have them with me one more week they will all have names! =)

Feel free to shout out names...

Thanks Vicky. I did take one of them with me when I went to the vet to pick up eye goop. She estimated 5-6 weeks at that time. I guess she's probably right as mom is definitely getting fed up with all the nursing!

She went outside for a couple of hours this am and didnt' want to come back in =(

They all are GREAT climbers! Hopefully it won't get them killed before the end of the day. I was putting in a window and one of them made it all the way up to my neck unassisted, yikes. (no doors on in this place yet so hard to shut them out)

thanks for all the tips =)

shakenbsis said...

Oh Hey, I almsot forgot!
The whole reason I popped over here to the bank was to report on kitty sexes =)

As best as I can tell, it's 3 boys and one girl. The black one and the two pirate kitties I'm pretty sure are boys and the little cinnamon colored one is a girl.


Suz said...

Hey! I'm OFF on Friday! Kurth's?? If you do bring kitties up, you are more than welcome to bring them here! Your room would house them until their owners arrive. :)

I can already see Unka Punk rolling his eyes!! hee hee

shakenbsis said...

Hey Suz! I'm so glad I check ed back here before logging off. That would surely make things much easier than trying to do it out of my truck! = ) I'm planning on Kurth's unless hell freezes over or some such luck! I'm glad to hear you are OFF!!!! (how did that miracle happen?)

Blaznfire911 said...

Ok so where exactly is the Kurth? I keep hearing about it, and I wanna go tooooooooo!!! LOL

shakenbsis said...

It's in Columbus on 151 (or Ludington) next to the Apple Tree (?) restaurant. Someone else correct me if I've got it wrong. =)

Blaznfire911 said...

Maybe I can come next friday if you guys are going. I have tickets to see indiana jones this friday, or else I would go.


Shannon said...


They are adorable! Yes, I'm finally on here! I had so much fun the other night--still laughing!


Shannon said...


How do I add a picture to this? I have no idea what the heck I'm doing-HA!

Shannon said...

Never mind, I think I figured it out...

Osh said...

I can for sure have the black one! We have already named him Dillinger! For the win!
Let me know when we can bring him home so I can make a vet appt for shots.

Shannon said...

Hi Osh!

I'm Betty's friend (and personal assistant--lol). She's having computer issues right now. She will be bringing him to Kurth's on Friday night and you can pick up your baby then if you want.

Let me know if you need anything relayed to her :)

Osh said...

Hi Shannon!
Please tell Betty that Evan and I will come to Kurth's on Friday to pick up Dillinger! What time does Betty think she will get there?

if you want to email me you can at colleenschneider at gmail dot com

we are so excited!

shakenbsis said...

Love, love, LOVE that I have a PA now!! Thanks Shannon, thanks Osh!

Can't wait to meet you Vicky =)

Rachel said...

Wow... you are awesome Shakenb!!! You have an assistant :)

(I'm Michelle's assistant so I shouldn't laugh )



Osh said...

oh, and I am Rachel's assistant!

shakenbsis said...

LOL!!! = )

Shannon said...

I'm underpaid and would like a raise--LOL!

shakenbsis said...

The check's in the mail chica! (course you know I'm at the library not the psot office!)

Shannon said...

Ha ha! I don't want it in kitty poop :) How did it go with Mr. Charming at the computer store?

shakenbsis said...

No call from him today! grrr.... thoughtit best not to bug him =(

well gotta go 3 min left on Library time! Thanks Shannon! = )

Back to the house all 6 kitty's are there unattended, yikes...

Rachel said...

Wow...thanks Osh :) Lord knows I need assistance.

It sounds like I have to make it to Kurth's some night. I am missing out :)

Anonymous said...

Those kittys are adorable!!!!

What time at Kurths?

wlkingbluepirate said...

Yay for Dillinger the Kitty!!

You could call him Dilly for short.:)

You kids have fun at Kurths tonight. Take a drink for me!

And need to get your computer back, pronto!