Wednesday, May 7, 2008

broken hearted for Jason Castro...

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Yes, I admit it...

I love American Idol. This season they are all soooo good. Every week it's horrible to see ANY of them go. (I loved the international mix this season!) For some reason though Jason Castro has touched my heart like no other. On his Hallelujah night, he brought me to tears..

I was almost in tears last night for him. He is soooo much better than his performance was.

AMERICA!!!! I really hope you saved Jason...



Suz said...

Yep, I love Jason a lot too. He was my early fave. He truly is so much more talented than he's shown these last few weeks, but hopefully, there are many who saw him on his Hallelujah night and realize his mighty potential.

I am positive he's going home tonight, and rightly so. I am very, very disappointed by his casual attitude about this competition. He appears to take it all very lightly. Don't get me wrong; I don't think AI is the end all. I do believe that the way you present yourself on the show can be life-changing in that you have the opportunity to showcase your dedication and talent to many music scouts/producers. His lack of a work ethic might cost him a great record deal.

Anyway--this is your blog, not mine!! hehe... Soon we will know. :(

shakenbsis said...

"Anyway--this is your blog, not mine!!"

I share, it's no fun all alone! = )

Yeah you're right, he deserves to go, but who knows what will happen. I'm hoping he doesn't get what he deserves. (I think that seemingly cavalier attitude is how he covers nerves.) BUT, that's jsut my opinion = )